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Chef Teton’s Recommendations
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I use these products from the companies below because, in my opinion, they are the “best” in their category. They have the highest quality and they taste incredible! I would not want to live without any of them!

Food Products

barleans 2 Recommended ProductsBarlean’s Flax, Coconut Oil and Fish Oil Supplements
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When you place your order, they press the oil and send it immediately to you. This is why it is potent with Essential Fatty Acids, and why it TASTE so amazing!

If you want more information on how I use these amazing oils go here.
Wilderness Family Naturals
wilderness family 2 Recommended

This company packs plenty of high quality food items. I use their Culture Starter for both Kefir and Vegetables. They are also an excellent source for large quantities (1 Gallon) of Coconut Oil, and their Coconut Spread (which is like a coconut butter made from pure sun dried coconut) is fabulous for everything. Check out their website and see all the great foods that you can deliver right to your door including Grass Fed Beef you are a meat eater.

Since 1995 Sunfood has been the world’s premier source of raw foods, superfoods and cutting edge nutrition information.



SunWarrior Raw Vegan Protein

3PackProtein ValuePack Recommended Products  


Vita Mix
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The Vita Mix is the piece of kitchen equipment that is totally worth the investment. I love it’s large container, the strength of it’s 2 hsp engine, and the variety of foods you can make it in. For Raw Food Cuisine, healthy soups, smoothies, sorbet’s and much more, it is the best. If you can only afford one piece of equipment this is the one!
» Click here for all the details
vitamix small Recommended Products


9-Tray Large Excaliber Dehydrator

68 9 TRAY 2900 Recommended Products


Ideal size for large families, large gardens, craftspeople, and sportsmen.
9 LARGE trays: 15 square feet of tray area makes this the biggest and best there is!







Spice Tray Recommended Products


 Recommended Products Recommended Products



Fermentation Crock Recommended Products
 Recommended Products Recommended Products



Totally Bamboo! Recommended Products

I love their products….all of them. They make fabulous gifts. Cutting boards, dishes, plates. Beautiful!
 Recommended Products Recommended Products Recommended Products Recommended Products Recommended Products Recommended Products Recommended Products Recommended Products Recommended Products Recommended Products



The Ken Onion Shun Knife! Recommended Products
 Recommended Products Recommended Products




Joyce Chen Saladacco Spiral Slicer Recommended Products
 Recommended Products Recommended Products


Educational DVDs

Raw for 30 Days

What would you think if I told you that pretty much everything you’ve ever heard on TV, the radio or in newspapers about health was wrong… You simply must view this video:

logo Recommended Products

 Recommended Products

Hungry for Change (trailer)

hungry for change Recommended Products
A film you must get! If you are not clear about the damage of highly processed foods, chemicals, dyes, hydrogenated fats and high fructose corn syrup, this movie will convince you and show you there is a much more powerful route to perfect weight loss, loving yourself and taking care of you and your family. Get this film!

Essential Cuisine 6 DVD Set

dvd 6 Recommended Products

  • Get all 6 DVD’s. The entire collection of Essential Cuisine delivers a healthy combination of Raw, Cooked and Cultured foods working together to create a synergy for perfect weight, vitality and beauty. A diet full of luscious flavor and that is sustainable for a lifestyle practice will make you Fall in love with food all over again! Experience the Golden Elixir of life!
  • Bonus 1: FREE Essential Cuisine e-book (a $19.95 value!)
  • Bonus 2: Quick Start Shopping Guide to get you started

Your Price: $59.95 USD
SRP: $79.80 USD

more info Recommended Products

buynow Recommended Products

Video Sample: “Essential Cuisine”

Why all 6 DVD’s? Essential Cuisine is designed as a one stop shop. By combining the latest of a raw food diet, and the best of cooked food, the full set of DVD’s delivers a culinary practice for today’s weight conscious person searching for the perfect diet with the highest nutritive value in each bite. All the DVD’s are designed to work together creating a synergy for the perfect weight, vitality and beauty. Finally, a culinary system that is effective, affordable and convenient.



Vitality Herbs and Clay: Earthen Ormus

Michael 110x125 Recommended Products
Michael King is a Life Enrichment Consultant, a natural intuitive, a researcher of Nature’s most powerful healing resources the world over, the author of “Detoxify, Nourish & Build — Three Essentials for Vibrant Health” and the Vital Health News Updates – a weekly email newsletter documenting powerful life-changing concepts and earthen resources. He gives weekly conference calls on a wide range of topics from personal health, to inner healing, to gardening tips, to environmental cleanup, to the establishment of global harmony among nations.

His early life of compromised health led him to search for solutions within the world of natural medicine. Instinctively driven to use only “whole earthen resources”, the powers of unaltered Nature not only restored health to his body, but also provided a wealth of insight into how the body works and which natural resources build health most effectively.

He is now the originator of over 40 herbal and clay formulations focused around detoxification, maximum nourishment and system building. Michael is also an advocate of sustainable gardening, environmental responsibility, and an architect of ways to increase global food production.
earthen ormus Recommended Products
Mention “TETON” in the Coupon Code Box or Comments Section during checkout when placing your order online, or when ordering over the phone with Vitality Herbs & Clay (541-482-9633) and you will receive a complimentary 2 week supply of Earthen Ormus with your first order (a $22 value).



Neprinol – Systemic Enzymes – The best supplement you can take for inflammation!
neprinol 300x214 Recommended Products
Neprinol AFD (Advanced Fibrin Defense) is a revolutionary blend of systemic enzymes and antioxidants specially formulated to support healthy circulatory function and inflammatory response. Neprinol now uses acid armor capsules for a more controlled release of its contents, and to provide maximum protection from the acidic pH of the stomach. Make sure to use the coupon code “TETON” when placing an order online or by phone to receive 15% off your order! Click here to read more.

Vitality Herbs And Clay

Complete Clay    4eb32738775b4 150x150 Recommended Products

All of their formulas are made only with CGW ingredients (consciously grown, certified organic, wildcrafted or tested) wherever possible.  Make sure you use the coupon code “Teton” when placing an order.  You’ll get a free gift!