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essential cuisine 1 Essential CuisineEssential Cuisine is, what some are calling “revolutionary”, a culinary practice combining the best of raw, cooked and cultured foods. It is a dietary system created to fit the lifestyle of today’s American who wants to get the most nourishment they can and ‘make every bite count’. I call it highly functional foods for highly functional people. This will make more sense as you acquaint yourself with this culinary treasure.

Nourishment comes on many levels: physically, mentally and emotionally. Essential Cuisine is a “lifestyle” dietary system that includes:

  • Optimum Nourishment
  • Great Taste
  • Luscious Richness
  • Enjoyment
  • Entertaining
  • Keep it Simple
  • Sustainability – Food Grown in Harmony with Earths Living Systems 

You probably already know that the following guidelines are ideal for a nourishing diet that keeps you slim and radient. But, do you know how to put them in your life – easily? If not, then Essential Cuisine is for you.

Essential Cuisine Guidelines:


  1. Refined sugar
  2. Bad fats
  3. Highly processed foods, chemicals and food additives
  4. Commercially raised animal foods 


  1. Natural sugars
  2. A bounty of good fats
  3. Natural foods from the Earth (fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes)
  4. Sea vegetables and whole un-refined salts
  5. Probiotic rich cultured foods like cultured vegetables and Kefir
  6. Animal foods if consumed: unpasteurized dairy from grass fed cows, grass fed meat, and mercury and heavy metal free fish. All animal based foods should be free of antibiotics, hormones, and pesticides and herbicides.
  7. Occasional healthy cocktails and/or wine made from organically grown grapes.
  8. Organic food from local growers whenever possible 

I recommend reading the Articles to get a deeper understanding of the value of foods featured in Essential Cuisine.

I personally do not count calories, and I don’t count carbohydrates either. That would be way to complicated and very stressful for me. I simply eat from the Earth and not the factory. It is that simple. Of course, there are definitely some foods that are minimally processed in Essential Cuisine. As you learn to eat whole foods in balance you will naturally pick the right foods your body needs.

The Essential Cuisine Cookbook was created in a DVD format because a picture is worth a thousand words, right? I found it so much easier to learn while watching and doing, so come in the kitchen with me and let’s get started.

The Essential Cuisine DVD Cookbook Series includes the following sets. I recommend getting them all and watching them in the order that best suits you current dietary and culinary needs. To learn more about the right order for you visit our FAQ page:

  1. Raw Food Basics (click here to purchase):Living Foods, also known as ‘raw’ foods cover many of the guidelines mentioned above. Raw food cuisine is a must to incorporate into your life. It might take some time at first, but after a while you will be making your own seed milks and delicious dressings. Imagine not having to drink from an aseptic carton full of food that has had the life heated out of it. Imagine instead a fresh glass of sesame milk or almond milk that will literally nourish you with amazing nutrients, taste and sensuality.Once you understand the basics of raw foods you can start to incorporate them into your life. Just eating “raw” food is not the idea. The idea is to bring the food to life by germinating and sprouting it. It is important to soak nuts and seeds to remove the enzyme inhibitors from them so they will digest better. If they digest better, they will be more nourishing. And that is the idea, to nourish you with incredible vitamins and minerals, and great taste.I recommend taking the time to learn what ‘living’ food means and how to put it into your life. I truly guarantee you will love it. You will be delighted by the sensual pleasure of it, and will feel satisfied after your meals. It is not addictive and you will not gain weight from it. Quite the contrary is true, unless you are eating a lot of other less than excellent food that is full of sugar and bad fats. 
  2. á la Oils (click here to purchase):This two set DVD is focused on fats and oils; how to use them as sauces for cooked vegetables, and how to cook with them. Fats and oils are an area where I found people to be the most confused. Using the right oils, the right way is the key to making simple dishes.And just what does á la Oils mean? Just like that creamy vanilla ice cream, different earthy-tasting cold-pressed oils can make your taste buds burst with flavor when they’re used over vegetables, salads and more!Since some oils are meant to be added to dishes and should not be used for cooking purposes, I’ve coined a new term, á la Oils. It’s a new way of thinking about them, and you’ll step right into the á la Oil mode when you watch the series. Expect nothing less than tastes equivalent to gourmet delicacies, at every meal. It’s a true culinary adventure, particularly because it is so simple. You will benefit greatly from these nutrient dense oils, as they are truly nourishment for your body, mind and soul. I call this cuisine Essential Cuisine – A Culinary Adventure from Seed to Soul and you’ll soon see why. Health-conscious or not, you’ll benefit from these nutrient-dense oils.The oils from seeds such as flax and pumpkin have a unique chemical composition that makes them very delicate and susceptible to heat. Since we want to maximize our nutrition in every bite we take, we have no other choice but to use them á la Oils way!There are three main á la Oils and they’re the rising stars in my recipes: coconut, flax, and pumpkin seed oil. Coconut is a little more versatile since it can be used for cooking. These three culinary treasures are truly “golden elixirs.” Each, in their own way, provides incredible flavor and substance to meals, and they are highly medicinal as well. And the good news is, thanks to the growing awareness of their importance, these oils are now more available and affordable to all.If you want to enjoy a diet rich in more foods from the Earth, instead of the factory, then á la Oils is for you. You will find the techniques for making these innovative recipes easy, and I promise they will awaken your palate with incredible pleasure! Bon Appétit! 
  3. Cultured (probiotic) Vegetables and Kefir (click here to purchase):This DVD is a simple “how to” make your own cultured vegetables (sauerkraut), and Kefir. Both of these foods are cull of friendly flora, or good bacteria as it is often called. Think of it this way. First of all the following terms all mean about the same thing: good bacteria, friendly flora, and probiotics. Cultured foods are full of this friendly flora, and it is this friendly flora that should be included in every meal or at least every day.Most children have had antibiotics in their early lives and therefore need to restore the friendly (probiotic) bacteria or flora in their intestines destroyed by the antibiotics. Adults too, are experiencing high amounts of Candidiasis in the gut. Introducing probiotic foods into you and your family’s daily diet could be one of the most valuable changes you make as it will help to build a healthy inner eco-system. Even if your child has never taken antibiotics, a diet rich in probiotic foods will continue to enhance the intestines ability to absorb nutrients and build a healthy immune system. What good is it to feed children excellent food if they are not absorbing it? In John Robbins’ (author of Diet For a New America) new book, “Healthy at 100” John unveiled the secrets of the longest living people on the planet. The diet was similar in each of the 4 populations he studied; light in foods from animals that are raised on grass; rich in plant foods, nuts and seeds; and each population enjoyed a cultured food as a daily staple.Cultured foods are one of the most powerful items you can put into you and your child’s diet. You can purchase un-pasteurized cultured vegetables and Kefir (sugar free) in most natural foods grocers, or make your own quite easily and affordably.A tablespoon of cultured vegetables with each meal will enhance digestion greatly. And, a little Kefir to start the day will help a child’s intestinal track absorb all the nutrients you are striving to give them. This rich probiotic substance may be the key to building a vibrant inner eco-system that can handle the occasional birthday cake or sugary drink. 

Again, I recommend reading all the Articles.They will give you a deeper understanding of the “why” in Essential Cuisine’s foods. I hope they will also inspire you to begin enjoying the bounty of Earth’s nourishing foods.

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